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The Light Process

These transformative experiences began to spread a couple of decades ago in Australia at the hands of Jasmuheen and the Light Process appears as an indispensable and appropriate tool for the times that run. And that is why the need arose in me to transmit it and facilitate it.

After having experienced it, the desire to spread it and enable others to access the experience arose. 

The mental clarity emerging after the process has been useful in stimulating a qualitative leap in my daily work.  It also stimulated me to materialize the Space of Light, specifically conceived to house these processes at all times. 

Marzia Mascolino.
Light Process Guide

Marzia Mascolino

Marzia is a sensitive person and a tireless seeker, already from her native Italy and then through her experiences in Spain, Brazil and Argentina, in different communities and spiritual groups.

In Piracanga, they carry out the 21-day process. In Figueira, he contacts the Christic Energy and remembers his mission: to convey to people that there is a Higher Consciousness, that there are Universal Laws and that the Guides are there, with whom we can all contact to invoke assistance.

In 2014 she arrives at the Depurative Space with her children (Manu and Mayte), and expresses her purpose in different areas: the Kitchen without a kitchen, the harmonization of the Depurative Space, the School Space for children, the Internships for young people, the workshops of Creating Conscious Future for parents… and also guiding the Light Processes of 21, 14 and 7 days.

The Space of Light

A space that invites intimate contact with nature and free from external influences.

This infrastructure, adjacent to the Cleansing Space, is exclusively dedicated to hosting these retreats, in groups of up to 12 people, for three weeks. 

It has a specific and comfortable design for this task, in a place that invites recollection and isolation, in order to allow the smooth development of the process.


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Become the architect of your life

Reprogram yourself by transforming your negative habits into new habits that empower you. Activate the pineal gland to create a new present and future. Let go of the old and known, to experience new frequencies and a transcendent experience.


Nace en Milán y ya a los 12 años comienza a experimentar con ayunos. Si bien el primer acercamiento fue más por cuestiones físicas, esto la fue llevando por un camino que le permitió profundizar en otros aspectos. Mantuvo mente positiva, evitando incomodar a su entorno por estos ayunos y comenzó a elevar su vibración. Se le empezaron a abrir portales y comenzó a sentir voces internas que la guiaban.

Como en un juego, se propuso seguirlas. Así, deja la carne y empieza a sutilizar sus elecciones alimentarias: “dejar lo viejo”. Se conecta con otras maneras de nutrirse y sus guías le muestran que somos energía y vibración. Si bien siempre había sido anárquica, atea y antisistema, a los 25 años experimenta espontáneamente un viaje astral, donde contacta con otra realidad y comprende que hay mucho más de lo que vemos en el mundo físico.

En esta trascendental vivencia, se vio fuera de su cuerpo, experimentó la atemporalidad (donde pasado, presente y futuro suceden al mismo tiempo) y tuvo otras comprensiones; pero le costó bastante volver a su cuerpo, cosa que logró con un guía espiritual que la ayudó en este proceso. 

A partir de ese momento comienza a percibir otra realidad: “todo lo que pensamos se concreta”, y comprende también que podemos nutrirnos de Luz. Hay un antes y un después.

Deja atrás el ateísmo, pues percibe una Consciencia Superior, las leyes universales (distintas de las del mundo físico) y así comienza su Light Process. Sus guías están cada vez más presentes y sus voces se hacen más imperiosas. Inicia a prepararse para ser Canal y a seguir el camino que marcan estas voces interiores.

Luego de un tiempo en España, comienza su tránsito por distintas comunidades en Brasil y Argentina, donde va vivenciando lo recibido de los guías: aperturas sensoriales muy fuertes, meditaciones, ejercicios para seguir comprendiendo el poder de la mente, para sanar vínculos y situaciones no armónicas.

She was born in Milan and at the age of 12 she starts to experiment with fasts. Even though the first approach was more because of physical issues, this was taking her into a path that allow her to delve into others aspects. She kept a positive mind avoiding disturbing her surroundings because of the fasts and began to raise her vibration.
Portals began to open up, and she began also to hear the inner voices that guided her.

Like in a game, she proposed to follow them. So she leave the meat and began to refine her food choices: “to leave the old”. She connects with other ways to nourish herself and her guides show her that we are energy and vibration.
Although she has always been anarchist, atheist and anti-system, at the age of 25 she spontaneously experiences an astral travel, where she contacts with another reality and she understands that there is much more than what we see in the physical world.

In this transcendental experience, she saw herself outside her body, experienced timelessness (where past, present and future happen at the same time) and had other understandings; but it cost her a lot to return to her body, which she achieved with a spiritual guide who helped her in this process.

From that moment on, she begins to perceive another reality: “everything we think comes true”, and she also understands that we can nourish ourselves with Light. There is a before and an after.

She leaves atheism behind, because she perceives a Higher Consciousness, the universal laws (different from those of the physical world) and thus begins his Light Process. Her guides are more and more present and their voices become more commanding. Start preparing to be a Channel and follow the path that these inner voices mark.

After a time in Spain, she begins hes transit through different communities in Brazil and Argentina, where she experiences what she received from the guides: very strong sensory openings, meditations, exercises to continue understanding the power of the mind, to heal bonds and not harmonic situations .