Face to Face / Online   

7 day light process

Guided by Marzia Mascolino

How is the 7 day process like?

The 7-Day Process is designed for those who want to start this type of fasting and introspection retreat. You can do it in person and also online. Both formats are independent of each other and are made on specific dates that you can see in the detail of each one.

This process works as a bridge between the physical body and the spiritual body, where we will detect our old programs in order to update them with new ones. It has the power to manifest our thoughts through exercises and meditations to be able to concretize them. 

It works ideally as a preparation for the 21-day light process, although it can also be taken as an independent retreat.

The process is based (on a physical level) on fasts based on juices, water and "dry", meditations and guided exercises. 


The process consists of 7 days completely guided and with permanent support.

The initial day, where we meet, we will establish the rules of coexistence and we will begin to enter the fast Every day we will have a group meeting and Marzia's permanent individual support during the days of the retreat.

We advise not to ingest (in the previous week), animal protein, alcohol, tobacco or drugs... and three days before the Process sustain yourself in smoothies and live vegetables.

Do you dare to be Happy?

Change your beliefs and your programs. And you will change your world.

7 Days Process


Do you remember that we are co-creators of our reality? 
Your mind is a bio-software and you are the programmer.  In this week you will remember how you created your reality, you will identify the old programs and you will manifest within yourself the new that you wish to create.

7 days • FACE-TO-FACE •

Experience this transformative experience in person at Our Space of Light. 7 days of fasting and introspection, guided by Marzia, in contact with silence and nature.

Every night we will have a group meeting in our octagon, with exercises and meditations to deepen our individual process.

7 days • ONLINE •

Experience ONLINE, this transformative experience. 7 days of fasting and introspection, guided by Marzia and with permanent support through whatsapp. 

Every day we will have two group meetings (by Zoom), with exercises and meditations to deepen our individual process.

Is this retreat for me?

If you feel that you need to break everything, if you are not satisfied with who you are being, you should LET GO of the old mental patterns and understand how you can create a new reality aligned with abundance, happiness, creativity and the Divine Plan.

Change your programs. And you will change your world.

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