7 day light process LEVEL 3

The secret to become what you want to be is in your brain

Virtually guided by Marzia Mascolino

   7 Day Light Process • LEVEL 3   

In this Retreat we will learn to educate our brain to improve our lives and in this way improve the world ✨

You can do anything and you can be anything. Do you believe it? …The secret to become what you want to be is in your brain…but first it has to become your best friend.

An experience designed to become what you want through understanding how we think and making friends with our mind. 

The Level 3 retreat is completely online and is dictated in a guided, assisted and permanent containment way by Marzia Mascolino.

We will go through the 7 days starting with a Dry fast, then Sea Water and ending with Juices. 


Retirement Structure

The process consists of The process consists of 7 days completely guided virtually and with permanent support.


👉 1 – Sensitize the brain: Evaluate the general awareness of the brain and awaken the senses.

👉 2 – Versatilize the brain: helps make the brain more flexible so that it can accept changes easily.

👉 3 – Refresh the brain: We focus on freeing the brain from patterns of emotions or negative and useless thoughts.

👉 4 – Brain Integration:Helps integrate the functions of the different brain layers and unleash your potential.

👉 5 – Mastery of the brain: Addresses the entire brain.

✨I look forward to seeing you on this magical TRANSFORMING journey together.

We rediscover
our worth

We remodel
our history

We change
our destiny


videos and stories of people who already lived the experience

Next dates 2023

No next dates yet:

No next dates yet:

What includes?

Do you dare to be Happy?

Change your beliefs and you will change your reality...

Preparations for an extraordinary trip:

👉 Be aware that you want to change.
👉 Associate emotional and physical pain to the old program.
👉 Replace the old program with a constructive one that empowers us.
👉 Associate maximum pleasure to the realization of the new habit.
👉Vividly imagine the new future you want to achieve.

We advise: Do not eat in the previous week, animal protein, alcohol, tobacco or drugs...and three days before the Process sustain yourself in smoothies and live vegetables.

Become the architect of your life

Reprogram yourself by transforming your negative habits into new habits that empower you. Activate the pineal gland to create a new present and future. Let go of the old and known, to experience new frequencies and a transcendent experience.


   How do I sign up for 7 Days Online Level 3?   

Para inscribirte tienes que ponerte en contacto por Whatsapp al: +54-9-3544-65-4417.
I will answer you as soon as possible to clear your doubts