21-day Light Process

Experienced in the Space of Light together with Marzia Mascolino

What is the 21 day process like?

The 21-Day Process is one of those reality-transforming experiences that don't happen every day, in which you will be able to experience wholeness on all levels: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

The Light Process can be simplified as a "tuning" of our internal "guitar", so that it sounds beautiful and harmonious.

We are possessors of a “four-string” “guitar” (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body) that can only express its maximum potential and inner beauty when it is properly tuned.

In the 21 days we will go through the tuning of these 4 strings, and we will acquire the necessary tools to maintain this tuning in the future of our daily lives.

Retirement Structure

The process consists of 21 days completely guided and with permanent support.

On the first day you will have a medical admission interview, we will establish the rules of coexistence and we will begin to enter the fast Every day we will have a group meeting and Marzia's permanent individual support during the days of the retreat.

The process is based (on a physical level) on fasts based on juices, water and "dry", meditations and guided exercises. 

This is the space of light

Next dates 2023

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What includes?


videos and stories of people who already lived the experience

Do you dare to be Happy?

Change your beliefs and you will change your reality...

Preparations for an extraordinary trip:

👉 Be aware that you want to change.
👉 Associate emotional and physical pain to the old program.
👉 Replace the old program with a constructive one that empowers us.
👉 Associate maximum pleasure to the realization of the new habit.
👉Vividly imagine the new future you want to achieve.

We advise: Do not eat in the previous week, animal protein, alcohol, tobacco or drugs...and three days before the Process sustain yourself in smoothies and live vegetables.

Become the architect of your life

Reprogram yourself by transforming your negative habits into new habits that empower you. Activate the pineal gland to create a new present and future. Let go of the old and known, to experience new frequencies and a transcendent experience.


How do I sign up for the 21-Day Process?

To register you have to get in touch.
You can complete the form below and I will receive your message to continue talking via email.

And if you prefer to talk directly on whatsapp you can write to me at: +54-9-3544-65-4417.

In both cases I will answer you as soon as possible so that you clear your doubts 🙂