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Welcome to the Light Process

The 7, 14, and 21-day processes are one of those reality-transforming experiences that don't happen every day

Usually we are not used to experiencing fullness on all levels (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), and after having experienced it, the desire to spread it and enable others to access the experience arose. Although these are internal issues and difficult to verbalize, we intend in these lines to share our processing experience.

The Light Process can be simplified as a "tuning" of our internal "guitar", so that it sounds beautiful and harmonious.
We are possessors of a “four-string” “guitar” (physical body, mental body, emotional body and spiritual body) that can only express its maximum potential and inner beauty when it is properly tuned. The Light Process allows these “strings” to be adjusted. After going through it, we will find the "guitar" tuned and with the necessary tools to be able to maintain this tuning in the course of our daily lives.

Marzia Mascolino.
Light Process Guide

The doors are open for all those who yearn for internal transformation

   Face to face and online retreats   

Fasting and reprogramming processes:

Normally it is the physical body that claims our attention, but even by taking care of it we will not be able to reach the state of high cellular vibration and bring it to our daily lives generated at the end of the Light Process.

At the end of the retreat, the cells of the physical body can directly capture the energy of prana, which decreases hunger and the need for food. Eventually you perceive your detachment. It is possible that you feel normal or, also, that you have extraordinary sensations. It may be that you notice a greater sensitivity of your senses.

21 day retreat

In the 21 days we will remember that we are channels between heaven and earth and we will be able to manifest ourselves as such, in order to know our purpose and fulfill our mission.

In this retreat we will be able through fasting and introspectionto rise to a state of high vibration and we will be able to capture the Prana (vital energy) through a simple and deep alignment of the Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual bodies.

14 day withdrawal

The entire universe is contained in the chakras. We recognize physical chakras that are connected to a vibration of sound, color, an element, a plant, or a psychic potentiality.

In this retreat we are going to balance each one of these centers, activating them, erasing all crystallized habits and old programming. Introducing new programs to achieve positive changes in all areas of our lives.

7 day retreat

The 7-day process is a bridge between the physical body and the spiritual body, where we will detect our old programs in order to update them with new ones. We will also transit fast days. 

This retreat has the power to manifest our thoughts, going through exercises and meditations in order to concretize our evolutionIt works ideally as a preparation for the 21-day process, although it can be taken independently.

Are these retreats for me?

If you really have notion of the wonder that you are, of your true potential, you do not need any of these experiences. But many of us need to go through a process that allows us to calm the vortex and enter our interior. A process to free ourselves from the ego, from all our identifications. These processes will reconnect you with The Source, and it is something that is beyond anything you know. The doors are open for all those who yearn for internal transformation.

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